RefSeq NC_006397.1
Organism Haloarcula marismortui ATCC 43049 chromosome II
Topology Circular
Lineage Archaea, Euryarchaeota, Halobacteria, Halobacteriales, Halobacteriaceae, Haloarcula.
Assembly level Complete
Chromosome size 288050 nt
Chromosome GC content 0.57
The extremes of GC disparity 278670 nt (minimum); 124094 nt (maximum)
Indicator genes
  • cdc6      6826 ... 8064 nt
  • cdc6      50205 ... 51485 nt
Replication origins
You can click the link here to view the detailed information of each replication origin.


The interactive Z-curve figure. Users can zoom in on areas of interest. The red, green, blue and yellow line graphs indicate AT, GC, RY and MK disparity. The purple vertical lines indicate the DnaA box cluster. When the mouse is hovering over the purple dots, the location and DnaA box index will be displayed. The red and blue dotted line indicate the locations of indicator genes and replication origins, respectively. When the mouse is hovering over the red circle or blue triangle, the location of the replication-related gene or replication origin will be displayed.


The interactive Z-curves rotated at the maximum of the GC disparity.