Welcome to TUBIC—the Tianjin University BioInformatics Center. Currently, TUBIC is one of the key websites for life sciences of the Ministry of Education, China, and a partner of China National Center for Bioinformation (CNCB). This Bioinformatics center offers a number of services based on the bioinformatics software tools developed by members of TUBIC during the past years. These software tools include those for ab initio gene-recognition (ZCURVE_B) and replication origin prediction in genomes of bacteria, archaea, and budding yeast (Ori-Finder, Ori-Finder 2 and Ori-Finder 3), gene-identification for virus genomes, and especially for coronavirus genomes (ZCURVE_CoV). Additionally, TUBIC also hosts some online databases, such as the Z-curve database (Zcurve_DB), the Database of Essential Genes (DEG), the database of replication origins (DoriC), and the database listing potential G-quadruplex regulated genes (Greglist). Now TUBIC serves as one of the windows to display the achievements of Bioinformatics research in China. TUBIC.ORG is the mirror site of TUBIC.

Special issue on Z-curve applications in genome analysis
Editorial (Thematic Issue: Z-curve Applications in Genome Analysis)
A brief review: the Z-curve theory and its application in genome analysis
Recognition of protein-coding genes based on Z-curve algorithms
Recent advances in the identification of replication origins based on the Z-curve method
Identification of horizontally-transferred genomic islands and genome segmentation points by using the GC profile method

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Ori-Finder 3, Ori-Finder 2, Ori-Finder, GC-Profile, ZCURVE_CoV.


ZCURVE-CoV database, DoriC 10.0, DEG 15.0, DeOri 6.0, pDEG, Greglist 2.0.



Selected papers published during recent years




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