Welcome to TUBIC-- the Tianjin University BioInformatics Centre. Currently, TUBIC is one of the key websites for life sciences of the Ministry of Education, China. This Bioinformatics center offers a number of services based on Bioinformatics softwares developed at TUBIC during the past few years. These softwares include those for gene-finding in the yeast genome ZCURVE_Y, ab initio gene-recognition ZCURVE_B and gene-start prediction GS-Finde in bacterial and archaeal genomes, gene-identification for virus genomes, and especially for coronavirus genomes. Additionally, TUBIC also hosts four databases: the Z-curve databaseZcurve_DB, displaying the Z-curves for more than 1000 genomes, the Database of Essential Genes (DEG) for microbial genomes, the database of replication origins in bacterial genomes (DoriC), and the database listing potential G-quadruplex regulated genes Greglist. Now TUBIC serves as one of the windows to display the achievements of Bioinformatics research in China.

Special issue on Z-curve applications in genome analysis
Editorial (Thematic Issue: Z-curve Applications in Genome Analysis)
A brief review: the Z-curve theory and its application in genome analysis
Recognition of protein-coding genes based on Z-curve algorithms
Recent advances in the identification of replication origins based on the Z-curve method
Identification of horizontally-transferred genomic islands and genome segmentation points by using the GC profile method

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ZCURVE 3.0 Ori-Finder 2 Ori-Finder, GC-Profile, ZCURVE_V 1.0, ZCURVE_CoV 2.0, ZCURVE 2.0 and other gene finding programs.


ZCURVE-CoV database, DoriC 5.0, DEG 14.7,
The Z curve Database of Genomes 3.0, DeOri 2.0. pDEG, Greglist 2.0, .



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